What Is Body Butter

A lot of us women have heard about body butter but have either never used it or have used it without really knowing what is body butter or the amazing benefits it has for the skin over other skin emollients. Well, this article will tell you all you need to know about it.

About Body Butter

Body butter is a skin moisturizer. It is thicker than body cream, body lotion, and body oil. As a matter of fact, body butter is a general term used to describe nutrient dense creams that hydrate your skin. Body butters are formulated from plant butter, plant oil and natural extracts that have been processed with the help of other substances that are meant to lock in the moisture content of your skin.

Body butters can be made from a single butter or combined with other butters or oils or other ingredients. Your choice of the type to use would depend on your skin type and the skin concerns you want to treat. In addition, they do not contain water and for this reason, they don’t dry out the skin

Body butters have the tendency of causing breakouts on oily skin. The reason for this is that the occlusive barrier formed by body butter blocks pores giving rise to a fertile ground for bacteria and oil to accumulate resulting in breakouts. However, if you break out easily you may try less occlusive products like cocoa butter that seals in moisture but allows your skin to breathe normally.

Difference Between Body Butter, Body Cream, Body Lotion, and Body Oil

Body Butter

Body butter is the popular name for the types of moisturizers which are thicker and richer with a more luxurious feel. They are heavier and can lubricate the skin more than other moisturizers

Of the four skin moisturizing products, body butter is the thickest, most moisturizing and provides the skin with the strongest protective barrier to lock and seal in moisture. It is the best moisturizer for dry and delicate skin in dry climate or during the winter seasons.

Body butters are formulated with natural ingredients such as Shea butter and/or cocoa butter with an addition of one or more carrier oils all of which are beneficial to skin. They also contain moisturizers derived from plant sources to ensure deeper hydration. And because of the composition of this product, they are very effective in skin care.

They are the most occlusive of the four products as they have the capacity to create the strongest barrier between the skin surface and environmental elements in addition to sealing in moisture in the skin.

Body Cream

Though body creams contain the same ingredients as body butter, they are thinner than body butter because they usually contain water-based ingredients such as aloe, hydrosol or other herbal infusions. Sometimes, ingredients like beeswax, butter or solid fat and some mild thickeners may be added.

Creams are heavier than lotions as they contain a higher viscosity or a thicker mixture of water and oil. And, as a result of this thickness, they are sold in tubes and jars

Body Lotion

Body lotion contains more water than either butter or cream and as a result, they are thinner in consistency. This product which is prepared by combining water and oil is great for skin that is not too dry or one that tends to be oily.

Body lotions are usually lighter than creams and body butter and have a non-greasy feel to it as their oil content is lesser than the others. They absorb quicker into the skin and don’t sit on it and are more suitable for hot and humid climate.

Though lotions are not that thick, they can effectively moisturize the skin though not for as long as body butter and cream. They are however suitable for all skin types including the not too-dry skin. They are a humectant as they preserve the oil already in the skin

Body Oil

Body oils are excellent emollients. They are great skin care products in that they resemble the natural oil in the skin and this makes it easily absorbed by the skin. They are the most soothing of all the body moisturizers as they work to soften and moisturize the skin

Most body oils are easily absorbed and are non-comedogenic. However, if you are prone to acne you would do well to avoid using oil, especially on your chest and back areas.

Benefits Of Butter For Skin

Butters have different uses. They are beneficial for use on hands, feet, cuticle softening, dry skin care, and all over the skin. Below are some of the uses and benefits of this amazing product:

An Excellent Moisturizer For The Body

Most body butters are rich in essential nutrients which nourishes the skin especially during dry weathers like the winter. They contain natural oils which help to protect the skin from dryness and damage. They also maintain the moisture level in the skin and prevent it from escaping during dry weathers.

Due to its fat content, body butter possesses excellent emollient and humectant properties

Provides The Skin With Nourishment

The food you eat is not always enough to provide your body with all the nourishment it needs to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. There is, therefore, the need for supplementation via the skin care products you use. Body butter is an excellent source of this supplement. They are a very good source of skin oils, Omega 3 fats and essential vitamins like Vitamins A, C, and E. These nutrients play a vital role in the health of your skin.

It Takes Care Of Skin Concerns

Body butter provides nourishment for your skin and maintains your skin’s moisture level and by so doing it protects it from cracking from dryness. Also, it is very good for healing and repairing damaged skin because of the several fatty acids and plant sterols which it contains

The moisturizing fatty acids of body butter provides relief for itchy and peeling skin which is usually occasioned by dryness by supplying the skin with the needed oils

It is very effective for treating chapped skin and lips and can be used for reducing stretch marks and scars. It is an excellent product for your skin care, especially during the winter seasons.

Also, body butter is very good at softening dry patches, such as those found on the elbows, heels and it will do your hands as well a lot of good as it softens them.

Anti-Aging Agent

Body butter is a great anti-aging agent for the skin. This is because it stimulates the production of collagen in the skin. Its application, therefore, restores the skin’s natural elasticity thereby reducing wrinkles and blemishes. Its vitamin A, C, and E contents keep the skin well nourished and radiant. Consistent use of it helps to reduce wrinkles and prevents premature aging signs.

The vitamins contained in it also possess antioxidant properties which help to combat free radical damages resulting from environmental aggressors

For Creation Of Different Skin Care Recipes

Body butter can be used in different skin care recipes to treat a host of skin concerns. For instance, you can combine it with other ingredients and substances to create an itchy skin balm, an anti-allergy salve, a sunburn cream, for treatment of acne and eczema, a natural sunscreen, etc.

Aside from all the above, you can whip body butter together with other ingredients such as plant oils and essential oils that each provide a multitude of benefits to make it suitable for use on sensitive skin and on babies. Whipping the butter helps it to apply smoothly to the body without being oily. This is because the texture of the butter changes making it much easier to use.

Is Body Butter Good For All Skin Types?

Studies have shown that body butter is good for all skin types. This is in the sense that there are different butters for the different skin types. Butters come in different textures and benefits due to their peculiar ingredient contents. Each one is formulated with unique scents and additional vitamins and minerals that have benefits that can treat your various skin concerns. And as a result of this, some absorb more quickly into the skin while others leave a slightly oily residue.

In view of this, therefore, you will find a butter for your skin type no matter what type it is. In addition, there are body butter, or a combination of it to suit any skin concern that you may have.

How To Use

Using body butter on your skin is one of the best ways of affording your skin the needed nutrients. The best time to apply body butter is after shower when your skin is still damp to lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated all day long. You may apply all over your body or on specific problem areas such as elbows, knees, heels, etc.

Body butters are highly concentrated, therefore a little goes a long way. To use, warm the butter, either between your hands or by leaving the container in warm water for a while to melt, and carefully rub it on your skin. Allow the oil to absorb in to see if you need to reapply.

You should note, however, that body butter should not be applied on the face. Here’s why;

Body butters are a lot thicker and contain fragrances that are likely to irritate your facial skin. Generally, it is more advisable to use only products targeted at the facial skin on the face as such cream is normally non-comedogenic.


Body butters contain ingredients that afford a lot of benefits for the skin. And, we have seen that when it comes to moisturizing the skin, no other alternative is as effective as body butter. Each body butter comes with its peculiar ingredient contents making it suitable for a particular skin type.

Having now learnt about the body benefits of this skin care product and you probably have decided to use it, then it is time to go find the best types of butter for your skin type.

Do you have any experience with body butter that you wish to share? Please leave your comments or questions below and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you.







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