Causes Of Under Eye Bags And Puffiness

At some point in your life as a woman, especially as you age, you would notice some puffiness,and a bag-like skin around the lower part of your eyes. They are what are known as Under Eye Bags. Aside the eye bags, your may also notice some dark circles under your eyes. These conditions are among the most common in terms of skin complaints. And in case you are wondering what are the causes of under eye bags and puffiness, then, read on and you will find answers to your questions.


Under eye bags or bags under the eyes, whichever way you may choose to call them, come in the form of

•  Mild swelling or puffiness

•  Saggy or loose skin under the eyes or

•  Dark circles.

Bags under the eyes, other than making you look dull, tired and older than your age, shouldn’t be a cause for alarm as they are most often the result of temporary conditions.

What Are The Causes Of Under Eye Bags

The primary cause of this condition boils down to Fluid Retention in the skin. This happens when, due to one reason or the other excessive water is stored by the skin tissues  and underneath the eyes.  Also, as you age normal fat that helps support the eye moves into the lower eyelid. When this happens, it causes the lid to appear puffy.

Factors Responsible For Fluid Retention Leading To Under Eye Bags

As a matter of fact, this condition does not occur on its own. Certain factors triggers its occurrence. This article will discuss the factors that are the most common causes.

1.  Lack Of Sleep

Lack of sleep can contribute to the appearance of under eye bags. When you have not had enough sleep, your body is unable to flush out excess fluids, and instead, the excess fluids gather in the tissue under your eyes causing the skin there to look Saggy. This is also the effect to the eyes when you sleep on your side or on your stomach.

Aside eye bags, lack of sleep can also cause the blood vessels under your eyes to enlarge creating a dark tint that is visible through the delicate skin under the eyes commonly called Dark Circle.

The recommended how of sleep for an adult is 7 to 8 hours. When this sleep time is observed, one’s susceptibility to eye bag is reduced

2. Age

Under eye bags becomes common as you age. With age, the tissues around the eyes and some of the muscles surrounding the eyelids weaken. The result is that fats that help to support the eyes move into the lower eyelids causing the lids to appear swollen. Fluids may also accumulate in the space below the eyes adding to the swelling.

Aging also causes dark circles to appear. The reason is that as we age we begin to lose fat and collagen under the eyes. This as well as the thinning of the skin magnifies the appearance of blood vessels under the eyes resulting in dark circles.

3. Some Lifestyle Choices

There is a strong relationship between some unhealthy lifestyles that we indulge in and under eye bags. Cutting down on or avoiding those negative influences will go a long way to reduce the chances of appearance of eye bags.

• Wearing Make up Overnight.

Leaving your make up on when you go to sleep can have some negative effects on your skin such as irritation around the eye area which may quicken the skin’s aging process leading to wrinkles. The irritation around the eye can also cause them to water and get puffy. Removing those makeups before you retire to bed can greatly reduce the risk of eye bags.

• Salt

The effect that eating too much salt has on your body is that it hydrates your body, and your body retains the fluid which can lead to bloating. This fluid retained gathers within the skin and may appear more pronounced in the area underneath the eyes which is very thin leading to puffy eyes. So, the next time you take too much salt in your diet, you may just wake up the next morning with swollen and puffy eyes

You will do your eyes a lot of good by cutting down on salt intake in your diet.

• Smoking

Smoking has so many risks. One of them is the damage that it does to the skin. The chemicals in cigarette are toxic and can cause irritation around the eye area resulting in eye bags. Tobacco fumes also can kill healthy cells in your body and breakdown collagen production leading to accelerated aging process and appearance of wrinkles and lines and probably eye bags.

Aside this, contact with cigarette fumes dries out the skin. The body would then retain water to avoid further dehydration. This excess water gathers in the body which ultimately leads to the appearance of eye bags.

Furthermore, due to nicotine withdrawal which smokers experience during the night, they tend to have poor night sleep. The effect of this lack of sleep is therefore, under eye bag.

• Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol encourage under eye bag because it dehydrates your skin making it dry. The dry skin which is weaker is more likely to sag creating under eye bag.

Also, alcohol has the tendency to increase the amount or frequency of urination in which case it quickens your body’s system to discharge water leading to dehydration, and as the body loses fluid it will try to make up for the loss by conserving any remaining fluid leading to water retention and then eye bags.

4. Allergies

One of the effects of allergic reaction on sufferers of this condition is puffiness and swelling around the eyes.

Allergies take place when your body overacts to something. The immune system responds by causing your eyes to release chemicals known as histamines. The histamines get rid of the allergens from your body but in the process of doing this they make you sneeze, tear up, or make your eyes itch and swell up leading to eye bags.

5. Genetics

Genes are the most common cause of eye bags and dark circles.

As the skin ages and collagen production decreases, there is also a decrease in elasticity of your facial skin. This leads to the sagging of the skin around the eyes resulting in eye bags. This tendency of your skin sagging is a genetic trait. If therefore your parents or grand parents have eye bags or dark circles, your chances of getting them are high due to your DNA.


Except for the fact that eye bags make you unsightly, most often, they are rarely a sign of an underlying medical condition and should not be a cause for worry. Remedies are available to help improve their appearance. Check out details of the remedies in  this article.

However, if after following the tips recommended you do not see any improvement, then seek the advice of a GP as there are known medical reasons for persistent appearance of these bags.

Are there other causes of eye bags and dark circles which you know of ? Please share with us as I am interested in knowing of them. You may leave your contributions or questions below and l will gladly get back to you.


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