Best Skincare Regimen For Aging Skin

Aging is a natural process that we all must undergo. As we age our skin begins to show signs of aging like dryness, fine
lines/wrinkles, dullness and so on, as a result of loss of elastin and thinning of the top layer of the skin. The good news is that these signs can be managed with proper and regular skincare regimen to give it a younger look. If you fall in this category and you desire to look younger, you would need to know the best skin care regimen for the aging skin

A great anti-aging skin care routine involves a variety of steps like cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and so on. Of great importance also is the need to use the right products and methods suited to this skin as it is these factors that sets the stage for the best anti aging results. Here are some essential tips to creating the skin care regimen that you need.


Cleansing is the most important stage in your skin care regimen. It is important for removing any skin care product or makeup that may have been used during the day as well as dirt that may have accumulated. Before you put on your facial oil, moisturizer or your anti­-aging treatment, you need clean, refreshed skin in order for the next products to work well.

As your skin ages, it looses natural oil, moisture and nutrients resulting in a drier looking skin. It is therefore important that you choose a suitable cleanser as some of today’s popular cleansers not only fail to clean well, but they can actually damage your skin, encouraging dryness, dullness, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In view of this you would want to use a gentle cleanser with a low PH to maintain optimum skin balance. A cream cleanser, as opposed to a foamy one would be more suitable for your skin. This is because a cream cleanser can help to replenish moisture to the surface of the skin to give you a fresh look. A foamy cleanser or soap, usually would be too harsh and would cause further dryness thereby defeating the essence of this treatment.

Cleansing should be done morning and evening.


It is the popular opinion of skin care experts that toning of the aging skin is unnecessary because it does not add any benefits to the skin.

Toners, essentially were developed to restore the low PH of the skin whenever it is washed with a high PH cleanser. It is therefore not necessary when a low PH cleanser is used. However, it may be used by people with oily skin to help reduce the surface sebum and keep the face free of breakouts.

In circumstances requiring the use of toner, the best ones for the aging skin are those that don’t dry out or damage fragile skin. They often would have added, anti- aging ingredients and would be devoid of harmful drying agents like alcohol.


Exfoliation is the process of sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal a fresher looking skin. As a person ages the skin slows down the frequency in which it replenishes itself. Dead skin cells are therefore not quickly replaced leading to a dull and uneven look. Exfoliants are therefore of great help here to remedy the situation.

Normally, the frequency of which it is done and the method employed is usually dependent on one’s skin type, such that it can be done every day or twice a week if you have oily skin, and once a week for dry or sensitive skin.

However, as you age, there is the tendency of the skin becoming dryer, and a hitherto oily skin, less oily due to the decease in production of natural oil by the skin. At this stage exfoliation should be done less frequently as doing otherwise may likely remove the little remaining natural oil which helps to keep the skin soft and supple

It may sometimes be better to avoid many mechanical exfoliants because they would further dry out your skin. Chemical exfoliants like Glycolic acid and Lactic acid are best for the mature skin. This is because they contain properties that exfoliate and moisturize your skin at the same time.


This is a skin care product containing a higher concentration of active ingredients than moisturizer. It seeps deeper into the skin’s layer than moisturizer to give it the nutrients that would help to repair it

The best active ingredients to look out for in a serum is Retinol. Retinol boosts collagen production and fights lines in the skin as well as act as antioxidant to soak up the effects of biological and environmental free radicals that build up to cause aging. This may be the reason that retinol is referred to as the most active ingredient that can turn back the hand of the clock on your skin.

Serum should be used after cleansing, or where Toner is used, after toning. For best results, apply on damp skin in order for its active ingredients to penetrate deeper. And do not rub on skin, rather, pat on your skin with finger. Use twice daily, morning and evening.


Moisturizing your skin daily can make a very big difference to how your skin ages. Because the skin looses moisture as we get older, it is better to use an oil based moisturizer irrespective of your skin type. Look for those that contain antioxidants like Vitamins A, B3, C, E and Co enzyme Q10.

Also check that they have Polypeptides and Oligopeptides extracts like Green Tea and Grape Seed which when applied topically to the skin can help collagen to produce new collagen, to give your skin the appearance of a more youthful suppleness

Moisturize your skin twice a day


The best sunscreens for the mature skin are those that offer all the following;

(1) SPF 30 or higher = This fades age spots, improve skin texture and flattens out wrinkles

(2) Broad Spectrum = It offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays

(3) Water Resistant = This means that the Sunscreen stays on your skin.

Use everyday after moisturizing.

Other ways of protecting your skin from the sun are by wearing sunglasses, hat and avoiding the sun in the middle of the day.

Facial Oil

These are good for dry skin and can reduce wrinkles. Some facial oils are packed with antioxidants which prevent further aging. They protect the skin by penetrating deep into it and trapping water and other moisturizing goodness in, while keeping toxins and other bad stuffs out.

Some facial oils have inflammatory properties in them. Such oils are believed to be capable of calming down rashes and irritation.

It is important to note however that oils are not all the same. Some can nourish the skin while others are potential irritants. You therefore must choose your oil wisely by paying careful attention to the product’s label.

To use, you may mix oil in your moisturizer or use alone. If you are using alone, then use after serum but before moisturizer.

Eye Cream

The skin surrounding the eyes are usually the first to show signs of aging in form of lines and wrinkles. While squinting and constant movement of the eyes hasten the appearance of these lines and wrinkles, fluids collected under the eyes cause puffiness and dark circles. This is where eye creams come in as they can address these issues.

Eye creams are formulated especially for the delicate and fragile skin around the eyes. They have a lot of active ingredients and contain more oil than the normal facial oil.

To use, apply a little amount to the entire eye area. Use your finger tip to pat gently until it is completely absorbed. Use morning and night.

Important : Do not forget to treat your neck and chest area as well to this anti-aging skin care treatment. These areas are the other areas aside the face that give away your age.


In as much as we all must age physically at some point, you can look beautiful and younger for a longer time if you take care of your skin properly. Taking care of your skin properly entails using products with the right ingredients for your aging skin. To this end you have to, amongst other things, stick to gentle, non-drying cleansers, keep hydrated and sun-protected. Peptides and Retinols should be used and keep to your anti-aging skin care routine.

There you have the skincare regimen that is suitable for your aging skin. If you have any questions relating to this topic, please leave them below and I will gladly get back to you.


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