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Hello, My name is Regina. Welcome to my site, Beauty And Skin Wellness.

Looking beautiful and healthy is a thing that has always been dear to my heart.


My Background

Back in those days, way back, when I was growing up, I used to love and admire beautiful and well-groomed ladies. Among them is an aunt of mine who was in the higher institution  at the time. I would always sit by her side watching her as she performed her skin and beauty care routine. She was beautiful with a glowing skin.

But as she grew older, her good looks  began fading. There were changes in her skin. A few wrinkles and age spots were becoming obvious. Her skin had become  dry and her complexion darker and duller. It didn’t seem like she knew what to do about it.

A few years later, I had grown up. Of course, it was natural that I would follow in the footsteps of those  women that I used to admire. I wasn’t a very beautiful person per se but because of the attention I paid to my skin I looked good and attractive.


My Concern

I was a little concerned, though, about the changes that would happen to my skin when I began to grow older. I didn’t want to grow to that stage where my complexion became dull and the youthful appearance of my skin gone. I didn’t  want to look old – at least, not in a very long while.

At some point l become involved with a beauty and skin care products company which uses natural ingredients to make their products. I was supposed to use their products to look good and sell to make money.

Happily my role as a consultant came with a training program. In the course of my training, I got to know more about the  beauty and skin care products that could make women look good and even those that would make them (us) look younger.

Coupled with personal research I gained knowledge of natural remedies and habits to achieve the same effect, in addition to the products.


Why I Want To Help

I know that out there are thousands of women with the same interests and concerns as me but have no clues how to go about things. My desire is to help such women in general, and those of 40+ years in particular, to acquire and maintain those beautiful and attractive skins they desire, and to keep them looking younger much longer by providing them with informative tips on the nature and quality of care essential to achieving this.

All the recommendations of this site would be based on natural safe products and remedies to ensure that great, youthful  look and feeling of well-being from the inside out. There shall be no information on surgical procedures or artificial remedies.

Come lets explore together this world in which we will always, not only look good but feel well from the inside as well and look younger for as long as possible.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them below and I will be too happy to get back to you.



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